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    Alpha Ketoanalogue Tablets

    Price: 3600 INR/Box

    Alpha ketoanalogue tablets with essential Amino acid Calcium-3-Methyl-2-Oxovalerate 67mg, Calcium-4-Methyl-2-Oxovalerate 101mg, Calcium-2-oxo-3- Phenylpropionate 68mg, Calcium-3-Methyl-2-Oxobutyrate 86mg, Calcium-DL-2-Hydroxy-4 (Methylthio) Butyrate 59mg, L-Lysine 75mg, L-Threonine U.S.P 53mg, L-Tryptophan U.S.P 23mg, L-Histidine U.S.P 38mg, L-Tyrosine U.S.P. 30mg Tablets in Drug Formula